The Religion Of The Christian Trinity Of The Thick Wooden Frame

material:Wood frame and the picture is anti-water
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function:Display for table, for home and office decoration, obaptism gifts perfect gifts for faith.
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The religion of the Christian Trinity of the thick wooden frame

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There are two things that must be kept in mind about the trinity of the Bible: there is only one God, and three beings are called gods. The following is the simple statement of this doctrine: the father is called God (eight 6 before the forest); the son is called God (from 8 to 10); the Holy Spirit is also called God (five 3 to 4); God is a (Shen six 4). The synthesis of these four sentences is the Trinity. We also have some New Testament texts to prove the relationship between the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, and to determine the unity and equality between them.