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What Are The Characteristics Of Religious Culture

Jul 24, 2015

For thousands of years, religious culture as an important part of Chinese traditional culture, not only plays a role in the spiritual life of Christians, but also the spiritual and cultural life of the community also had an impact. A broad array of religious texts, a rich treasure trove of historical and cultural tradition. Religion in the long course of development, the formation of a voluminous books, paintings, architecture and other valuable property. They transcend time and space history, heritage of deep religious and cultural traditions.

As a master of Taoist classic "Taoist", the contents of AGF, inclusive, both Taoist classic treatise, Tech alchemy, fairy preacher history, there are medical health, cultural and historical day, the philosophers; both training Taoist scriptures Collection, also explore the traditional culture of valuable information for the study of ancient Chinese philosophy, history, art and thought in medicine, chemistry, astronomy, geography, and other important documents have value. Buddhist classic series "Tripitaka", the first translation of Indian Buddhist writings, is a masterpiece, plus ancient Buddhist scholars of interpretation and writing, forming economics, law, on the Tripitaka, more splendid sight, became the study of ancient philosophy of, ethics, logic, literature, art, historical treasures. As Islam classic "Koran", Christian classic "Bible" is the world's cultures and knowledge base of wealth.