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Wedding At Cana

Jan 15, 2018

John recorded that Jesus and his disciples took part in a Jewish wedding in Cana. When the owner's wine was exhausted, Jesus's mother, Maria, told Jesus, "they have no wine." Jesus replied, "woman, what do I have to do with you?" I haven't arrived at the time. " Jesus's mother said to his servant, "what he tells you, what you do." Jesus ordered his servants to fill the empty rock cylinders with water. They do so, then Jesus told them to scoop some water, to the chief waiter. When the waiter tasted the water, the water had become a wine, and he did not know what Jesus did. Then he said to the bridegroom, the groom violated the custom of having a good wine at the banquet and left the good wine at the end. This is the first miracle that Jesus has done to show his glory, and his disciples believe in him.