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The Release Of New Products Rosary

Mar 28, 2018

The Catholic Church has the rosary Rosary with the roses and the benevolence and Savior, and the British church has also introduced the rosary in recent years. The ancient monks of the Western church had a daily recitation of 50 habits of chanting. The Madonna is popular in the middle ages. The friar is used to give to the virgin. It is like a string of roses, which is called the rose. The general people do not understand (Latin) chant, Suiyi 50 Mary and replaced by a string of beads count, called Beads (Rose). Each string of 53 beads beads, 6 beads and a crucifix, each small beads of Mary, the God and the holy three read by Gloria, and meditate on Jesus and Mary deeds, and each string of joy and pain, blessed each of the five end, Pope John Paul II was added to the "light" Rose by more complete.

Rose through the Scriptures are as follows: (recite, hand hold beads, to make the Holy Cross, read the letter again and again, by God through the Holy Virgin three times, three Gloria again; and then meditate on each end, and one by God again, ten times, three St. Mary Gloria again, our lady of Fatima prayer again; and finally read Mary or Notre Dame de Syria's prayer, and mark the Holy Cross end)