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The Origin Of Religious Saints

Dec 27, 2017

Christian tradition refers to the works of art, murals, mosaics and paintings and other forms of gods, Sketchpad and the Holy one. In 8 and ninth Century, there was an objection to the worship of the holy image, and it was argued that this practice was neither a supplement nor a meaningless religion. After that, the Orient church put forward the theory of the statue of worship. Since God can obtain the material image through the body of Jesus Christ, he can certainly do the image for him.

The Orient Church believes that the holy image is an indispensable part of the church, and the worship is an important part of the service. The altar has the iconostasis, the New Testament story, the festival story and the anecdote of the famous saints to educate the non - cultural believers. According to the classical and Byzantine Orthodox tradition, the statue is symbolic rather than realistic art, its role is to line and color to convey teachings.