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The Main Forms Of Religious Culture Are Those

Jul 24, 2015

The main form of the ruling class to use religion to consolidate their rule order taken are: a religion as the universal nature of religious belief, making it the state religion. State religion in the feudal state is a very common phenomenon. After the bourgeois revolution, religious tolerance and freedom of belief gradually accepted the ideological principles of modern politics. Another form of religious theocracy ruling class is utilized. Theocratic regime is a political phenomenon of unity and religious rights. In feudal society, feudal state with each state religion as the ruling ideology, politics and religion is widespread. After the bourgeois revolution, the theocratic phenomenon began to decrease, but in some countries and regions still exist to varying degrees. China Tibet before the democratic reform in 1959 is theocratic feudal serfdom. The ruling class is the use of religion as a religion to make the lower classes into submission rule means to consolidate the rule for the purpose.