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The Great Man Jesus Christ

Jan 05, 2018

One night, a father wanted to read quietly, and the little daughter was playing around. The father came up with a method, took a knife, cut the map of the world into many small pieces, and then said to his daughter, "children, if you carefully assemble these fragments, you will have a map of the world." The father thought it took a lot of time for a little girl to spell it out so that he could read it quietly. But the little girl only took a little time to spell the map. As soon as my father saw it, he made a map of the world on the floor. The father was very surprised and asked how he could spell it so quickly. The little girl replied, "as the picture on the back of the map is painted with an adult, I will spell this adult's image first and then turn it over, and the map will come out." In the same way, the Bible also enlightens a great man, Jesus Christ, and if one finds him, everything can be solved.