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The Correct Usage Of Catholic Rosary

Mar 30, 2018

The beads are heavenly keys, is a marker of our faith, can be said to be the most powerful thing to expel demons. The Virgin Mary once said that let us wear beads everyday, and never leave them. Although beads are used for chanting, they are also used for exorcism. Beads can be used for daily eulogy and can be hung in cars, but can be hung at home, and can also be worn on strength. When the demons, waving the whip beads, demon suicide.

A rosary, a cross, a cross, a cross in the hand of the cross; a Lord with a great pearl to read the God through the cross; three beads to read the Holy Mother once; the other great Pearl read the holy three glory; the Holy Card reads the rose scriptures at the end of the rose, reciting the God of the God through the scriptures; holding the small pearl to read the Holy Virgin ten; in the next granary read the holy three glory of the holy pearl. The prayer of Fatima, the Virgin Mary, is at one end. Then read the next rose at the end of the Olympic trail, the latter five faces imitate the front. After five ends, I will read the Holy Mother or the Holy Mother's prayer and cross the saint.