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The 133 Year History Of The Great "unfinished Buildings - The Cathedral Of The Holy Family Was Finally Completed

Mar 03, 2016

The Cathedral of the holy family, the architect Antonio Gaudi for life. Barcelona's famous tourist attractions, seen it all without exception marvel in its magnificent, psychedelic and magnificent, but in fact, it has not been fully completed.

Gaudi life in 43 years of effort is spent on the design of the church, after 1925 also simply moved to the church site to live, dedicated the church design, until 1926, when he met a car accident died so far, has been constantly research church structure design, died leaving more Xu Duobao expensive data, design draft and models.

Founded in March 19, 1882, now built a full 133 years.

Finally, recently officially announced that the construction of the Cathedral of the holy family will be completed in 2026.