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Religious Items

Dec 16, 2015

 Religious items stolen from Floyd County store

The owner of 'Add a Touch Florist' noticed the heist Wednesday morning.

From cash to Christian themed gifts he says it's a major impact this time of the year.

The owner of 'Add a Touch Florist' made a shocking discovery Wednesday morning.

"My cash register, the change register part of it was sitting on my counter and I know I never leave that on my counter" says owner Bill Carroll.

Bill Carroll says the thieves pried open a door to get in.

The owner says things like candles, cards and even religious picture frames are missing from his store.

"I thought well maybe, I hope they maybe even stole the bible you know 'cause they could use it" says Carroll.

While the burglars did not take a Bible, picture frames with a piece of Christ were taken.

"Like 'the Lord's Prayer', 'the Serenity Prayer and 'In God We Trust" says Carroll.

With no leads Martin City Police need your help cracking the case.