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Religious Culture Religion Politics

Jul 24, 2015

The origin of all things religious theology attributed to God, the origin of political nature are also attributed to God, resulting in religion as a political pillar, explain political phenomena with the spirit of idealism phenomenon, it is bound to put sacred political power. Negative political Marxism originated in God, we believe the economic base determines the superstructure of society as a concentrated expression of economics and political superstructure composed part of the economic foundation of the relationship between certain social productivity and composed decision. Politics and religion, as in primitive society originated in the economic base of the community, it has a close relationship between the two, almost seamless, the performance of theocracy high degree of integration of religion and politics. In a class society, with the expansion of the social division of labor, and other forms of religious and ideological superstructure and other sectors increasingly isolated, and political boundaries it is increasingly obvious, and gradually become a tool of class struggle. This is because both the concept of religious superstructure, but also the institutional superstructure, either as ideas to influence the masses, but also as a social organization to govern the masses, thus easier for the parties to take advantage of the social and political struggles. Religion as a political tool struggle and class struggle, and in the ruling class, it is often used as the consolidation of the rule of order and spiritual support.