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Religious Cultural Expressions

Jul 24, 2015

Cultural manifestations and the way in human life is varied, but also the expression of human culture itself can understand the meaning, nobody, cultural significance and value is non-existent. Of course, culture and nature in relative terms, in the transformation of nature, conquering nature of the process, the wisdom, creativity, emotion into the nature, and nature of the progressive development of human nature. China also has scholars pointed out that "culture" is "human culture" that "people-oriented" point of view.

Religion in the development of human civilization, and cultures already locked in, because the process of human creation religion is a more advanced and complex spiritual and cultural process, it and cultures, to provide a complete set of human life. So, broadly speaking, the history of religion is a human cultural history, religion is a social and cultural phenomenon, is the self-consciousness of society, human self-awareness, is the external manifestation of human nature. To respect the religious and cultural philosophy, ethics, law, education, customs, literature, art, music, architecture, painting, sculpture, tourism, poetry, etc. to permeate through.