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Philosophy Of Religion

Jul 24, 2015

Wisdom profound religious philosophy, affects national culture. Chinese philosophy of religion has a long history, profound. Though it is in the heart of the Chinese culture, has launched its fundamental issues about the universe and life wisdom, to varying degrees penetrate the mainstream culture of all times, thus affecting the basic spirit of Chinese culture. Original Taoists believe that "World and I the same root, things with me with the body" in the relationship between man and nature, emphasis on "Heaven" in the relationship between man and all claims "all things, who the most expensive." Chinese Buddhist philosophy advocated clear your heart, from knowledge of Conscience, insight Buddha, stressing that "the Buddha tropism for Mo to seek beyond the flesh", strongly assertive consciousness of people. Buddhist philosophy, wisdom and harmony Taoist philosophy Pombo philosophy, Confucian culture Assimilation, on the formation of Heaven, people-oriented, expensive monks, the basic spirit of the energetic and promising Chinese culture has a significant impact