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Our Company's AliExpress

Apr 02, 2018

Recently our company receive part of the customer's order, because the order quantity is less, so we introduce to the AliExpress on to purchase more convenient, of course, also can be in our company web site order, but the quantity is less words will lead to the freight cost increase, this is a customer need to know.
If delivered by express delivery, the price is more expensive, but the efficiency will be greatly improved, suitable for small items or lightweight items.
If it is shipped by sea, it will take a lot of time to improve, and it will take a month or more.
This can be a customer choice.
In our AliExpress, the price of our products is contains the freight, this also is more convenient for less customers, not only is convenient and quick, but also for transportation and payment more quickly.
So if you buy a small amount of products, you are welcome to go to our AliExpress.

Here is AliExpress's website connection:AliExpress