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On The Issue Of Freight

Mar 12, 2018

On the issue of freight. Several customers have asked about the freight problem recently, so I'll be here to answer it. We all know that express is very expensive, especially transnational express. And shipping is much cheaper. But shipping is for commodities, which are calculated by a cubic or a container. How to make it worthwhile? Of course, a single cubic ocean shipping is the most cost-effective way, and it can also ensure efficiency. If you have only a few things, shipping is not very cost-effective, because if we want to get together with others, it will not be enough. And express is very expensive, because after all, express delivery only light things, and our products are not metal or wood. So, please forgive me. We don't want to pay too much shipping cost. You should place more orders as much as possible, so that not only can we give you a cheaper price, but also the shipping cost will be relatively less.