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No Matter What Drop Shipping Is Directly Delivered

Apr 10, 2018

The latest news of the day. In the afternoon, customers came to inquire whether we could provide drop shopping services. I don't have a special understanding of this word at first, maybe a bit of misunderstanding, and then I go on the Internet to find the meaning of the word, meaning that it is probably to replace the merchant to send the goods directly to the customer, that is, the customer's customers order the customer, and then the customer gives us the customers' customers directly after the production. This will save a link in the middle. Of course, I am not going to study this pattern, but to tell you. In any way, we all support it. As long as we can receive the order, complete the production work, and send the goods out, we will not give it to anyone who is actually sent to us, but it will be the same for us. Later stage is actually not our category, because after-sale needs customers to do it themselves.