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New Keychain Has Been Added

Mar 10, 2018

In the recent past, we have been uploading a number of religious icon keychains. Everyone  may be familiar with our company. Our company mainly produces religious  crafts such as crosses, Jesus Christ pendants, candlesticks, ornaments,  icons, etc. This time our new gadget is the key chain. The  small and exquisite keychain is not only the most commonly used thing  in our life, but also because we add a religious icon to it in the ring,  it makes it different. To be sure, this small  keychain has taken us a lot of hard work and is very good from the point  of view of the production process. The number of molds used alone exceeds 20, and various patterns and patterns are available. The religious pictures inside are even more varied and you can do whatever you like. Welcome to order.