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Inquiry About How To Be More Efficient

Mar 07, 2018

Yesterday, our company received 3 inquiries e-mail, is to send e-mail to ask about product information. One of them, a U.S. client, has only "what content" in the mail. This makes me hard to understand. The  culture of China and the United States is obviously not the same. When  you send e-mail inquiries, try to write everything you want. Commonly  used terms include the price of the product (the price of the general  product depends on your purchase The number of  products to decide), the size of the product (our company all products  support the size of custom, of course, or the amount of orders to  decide), the type of product (if you need the quotation we can send  you). The special case is that if you have found  the desired product on the website, you can tell us directly what you  want to buy, as well as quantity, we will give you a best price.