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Glass Religious Icons Architectural Features

Aug 17, 2017

   Buddhist holy place: bodhi gaya (one of the four Buddha tracks), the iconic building bodhi tower, Buddha in this way.

Christian sanctuary: Jerusalem, the landmark is the church of the holy sepulchre.

The first holy place of Islam: mecca (Jerusalem is one of its three holy sites). The landmark is the kerbai temple, also known as the mecca day house.

Architectural features:

1. Buddhist architecture: buddhist architecture includes buddhist temples, pagodas and caves.While the buddhist architecture was initially influenced by India, it soon began the process of sinicization.The layout of the Ming and qing buddhist temples is generally composed of the strict symmetry of main rooms and rooms.At the front of the main shaft is the hill gate - the entrance to the temple.A bell and drum tower are divided into the right and left of the mountain.The central part of the mountain gate is the temple of heaven, often made into three halls.Through the temple of heaven, enter the second courtyard, located on the main axis of the main shaft is the main hall, often called "the great hall".The main hall is a central building for the whole buddhist temple, which is built on other monomer buildings, no matter the volume and quality of the building.The hall of the main hall or the second floor.After the main hall, one into the courtyard, often building two "Tibetan classics building".On the other side of the main axis courtyard, the monk's house, the zen hall, zhai tang and other monks live in the house.

2. Islamic architecture: the mosque is the main type of islamic architecture, and it is the building that must be built by the inhabitants of the islamic religion.Mosque buildings must abide by the rules of Islam, such as the orientation of the temple to the east, so that worshippers can worship in the direction of mecca and face the west.There is no idol in the temple, only the tabernacle of the temple for worship;Mosque building decorations are not allowed to be used in animal patterns, but only in the shape of plants or words.

3, Christian buildings: the church is a Christian (Catholic, protestant, orthodox), and other issues such as religion, held a mass week have the bishop's seat according to level classification, the cathedral (hall), the church, the chapel, etc.A plane is usually a cross.The towers that soar into the clouds are mostly stalagmites;The inclined column is reinforced with thin wall to form a special outer wall structure;The thin shell of the dome has three gates, the main entrance is the main channel;The interior is light and bare, the frame vaulted frame dome;Tall, spacious, bright interior space has good daylighting performance;The Windows are mostly leaves of plants, with colorful glass inlays on the Windows.The front door is a large circular glass rose pattern, the front door is a number of gradually inward contracting doorways, each floor has a statue.