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Finding Your Way Forward In Tough Times

Mar 01, 2018

When the sufferings come, how do you deal with it? When the doctor confirmed that you had the three phase of cancer... Or when you look forward to a promotion, you get an understanding of the employment notice... Or what do you do when you wait for a divorce note, not an anniversary gift?

As a priest, I know that people have to face this heavy disappointment. What does God make us do at this moment? Thank you!

I know, when things go well, it's easy to be thankful for God, but when your world is over the ground with sad things? You may feel like a Job couple who lost all the children, all the wealth, Job is also suffering from a terrible disease. She said, "thanks to your God, Job?!" No She said, "you have abandoned God and died!" Can you feel that feeling? I know, I can understand.

It may sound crazy to be thankful in a tribulation, but when you are thankful and even struggling to be thankful, it can change everything. Let me tell you three reasons for doing this.

First, gratitude makes you no longer bitter. Bitterness is the cancer of the soul, which engulf all the beauty and reverence of your life.

Think of Peng Keli (Corrie ten Boom), a Holland Christian, who was sent to the Nazi concentration camp during World War II. One day, she did feel the pain. So she said to God, "God, if you treat your friend like this, I can understand why you have few friends." You see, it is easy for us to feel the situation in front of us to judge the goodness of God. If things go well, we think God is good; if things are bad, he is not.

Peng Keli and her sister Biqian have a new perspective. They and the other prisoners were stripped, the Nazi soldiers teased. They feel insulted, but Peng Keli told Biqian, "Jesus naked on the cross." "Yes, Peng Keli, you are right," replied Biqian. "I haven't thanked him for it," the hard poison into gratitude and praise, Peng Keli and Biqian learn to believe that God is good, even in the worst day of life.

The second reason for gratitude is that thanks show that you still love and trust God. When you thank God in the trial, you are saying, "God, you are greater than this!" You do not deny that you face the problem, but you look up to God, believe he is good, there will be a good solution. When you have a hard time, you still thank the Lord and always let people pay attention!

But when you endure hardships, what you really want is the solution, right? The third reason for gratitude is that gratitude releases the power of God to get you out of that environment. Sometimes God calm the wind and waves, and sometimes God quieted his children. No matter what the result, through your gratitude, even in the wind and waves, he will take the peace you expect.