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Eramic Candle Holder Special Craft

Jun 20, 2017

eramic Candle Holder Porcelain is a great invention of ancient China, in the long historical years, the hard-working wisdom of the Chinese ancestors made a fortune, wrote a glorious chapter, made a great contribution to human civilization. From the perspective of China's ceramic development, the general is the "ceramic" the term is divided into two, for the pottery and porcelain two categories. Usually the carcass is not densely sintered clay and porcelain products, whether colored or white, collectively referred to as pottery. Which the firing temperature is higher, eramic Candle Holder the degree of sintering better part of that is called "hard pottery", the glaze of a known as "glaze pottery." Relatively speaking, after high temperature firing, carcass sintering degree is more dense, glaze quality clay or porcelain products called "porcelain". The development of traditional Chinese ceramics, experienced a very long historical period, the type of complex, special technology, so the classification of traditional Chinese ceramics in addition to considering the technical hard targets, but also need to consider the traditional habit of classification, Combined with ancient and modern scientific and technological understanding of the changes in order to more effectively draw conclusions.

Yang Jian has merged the Northern Zhou and South Chen, unified Central Plains, eramic Candle Holder Fang Guo Sui, to Emperor Yang died. Time is not long, but this period of the ceramic industry is more developed. This is a time of the transition (the Tang Dynasty), which indicates the beginning of a new era style. Ceramic shape basically inherited the style of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, but also changes, more full. eramic Candle Holder From the already excavated Sui tomb, we can see a large number of high quality white porcelain.

Green glaze printed with a cap, 14.2 cm high, caliber 8.4 cm, foot 10.6 cm. Pot outside the mouth, short neck, slippery shoulder, half abdominal sagging, slightly lower abdomen, wide circle foot. Cover the door, such as wax-like wax. Tongshen Shi pale blue glass transparent glaze, glaze less than the end, near the foot exposed white white fetal bones. Shoulder dark carved side of the edge of a week, eramic Candle Holder abdomen flowers, leaves and honeysuckle pattern week. Sui Dynasty celadon inherited the fine tradition of the Southern and Northern Dynasties celadon, glazed green and transparent, glazed with crushed pieces, strong glass texture. This pot pot shape honest, bright green glaze, the printing techniques used for the stamp, simple and simple pattern and clear, with a distinctive feature of the times.

Green glaze rabbit button lotus leaf right, eramic Candle Holder 12 cm high, 12.7 cm in diameter. Right flat bottom, the bottom of a hole, hollow, top decorated a rabbit button. Body thin layer of green glaze, glaze yellowing, glaze not in the end. Outer wall mold lotus leaf pattern week, on the 6 group flowers, between the stripes. The right shape dignified, rabbit-shaped lifelike, glazed glass texture strong, eramic Candle Holder open fine pieces of grain, mold decoration of the clear, structured, smooth lines, full of artistic beauty. This is the typical of the ancient porcelain of the Sui Dynasty.

Huainan kiln glaze high enough plate, Sui, high 12.5 cm, caliber 27.5 cm, foot 14.5 cm. This disk straight mouth micro-write, calm Tan Ping, there are printed decoration, eramic Candle Holder and there are five branches nail marks, under the bearing into a hollow horn-like high. Whole body inside and outside the application of yellow glaze, but only half of the outer wall glaze. High foot plate is the north and south porcelain kiln generally fired shape. Sui Dynasty this kind of artifacts more popular, in the Sui Dynasty painting, murals can be seen.