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Eramic Candle Holder Improvement

Jul 03, 2017

eramic Candle Holder We are China's long history of ancient civilization, eramic Candle Holder the progress and development of human society has made many significant contributions. Especially in the ceramic technology and art achievements, has its significance. In our country, the production of pottery can be traced back to the era of 4500 to 2500 years before the era, it can be said that China's development history is an important part of the history of ceramic development, our achievements in science and technology and the beauty of the United States Feel and shape, eramic Candle Holder in many ways are embodied by the production of ceramics, and the formation of the era of very typical technical and artistic characteristics.

We have been in China for more than a thousand years before mastering porcelain technology in China, and China has been able to produce quite fine porcelain. From the perspective of the development of Chinese ceramics, eramic Candle Holder is the "ceramic" the term is divided into two, divided into pottery and porcelain two categories. Usually the carcass is not dense sintered clay and porcelain products, whether colored or white, collectively referred to as pottery; which the firing temperature is higher, the degree of sintering better part called "hard pottery", the glaze One called "glaze pottery". After 1200 degrees - 1360 degrees high temperature firing, eramic Candle Holder carcass sintering degree is more compact, glaze quality clay or porcelain products called "porcelain"

In our history of China, before the Yuan Dynasty, China's porcelain to porcelain (decorative color pattern less, to the level of purity of the purity of the standard porcelain). eramic Candle Holder Yuan Dynasty began to paint porcelain as the main popular porcelain.

The predecessor of our porcelain is the original celadon, which is the product of the transition from pottery to porcelain (the relationship between pottery and porcelain) is inseparable. eramic Candle Holder China's earliest primitive celadon, found in Shanxi Xiaxian Dongfeng Feng Longshan cultural sites, about 4200 years ago. There are cans and pots. The original celadon is widely distributed in China, the Yellow River and the Yangtze River and the southern region have been found.

Chinese ceramics in the history of real porcelain appear in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 23-220). First in the southern region of Zhejiang Province began to appear. Zhejiang Shaoxing Shangyu County on the Pu Xiaoxian altar found the late Eastern porcelain kiln and celadon finished products. Here the porcelain texture fine, glazed shiny, fetal glaze combined tightly, celadon fragments under the glaze has no residual quartz.eramic Candle Holder This transparent glaze in terms of appearance, or microstructure, have been out of the original celadon primitive. Has reached the real porcelain standards.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty after the Three Kingdoms and the Northern and Southern Dynasties (AD 220 - 581 years) the production of southern celadon, such as Zhejiang Yue kiln (dense porcelain) has been in a leading position. In Shaoxing, Yuhang, Wuxing and other places also have a kiln, eramic Candle Holder the formation of the kiln alone. The so-called kiln system, refers to a well-known kiln and some nearby provinces or other provinces are producing one or several of the same type of products, eramic Candle Holder these kilns constitute a kiln system to the main and most influential kiln name. Zhejiang is the earliest region of China to form kiln, eramic Candle Holder porcelain industry is particularly developed.