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Eramic Candle Holder Improve Efficiency

Aug 10, 2017

The idea of adding material is different from the traditional "eliminating type" manufacturing. eramic Candle Holder Traditional CNC manufacturing is generally based on raw materials, the use of cutting, grinding, corrosion, melting and other methods to remove excess materials, to get parts, and then splicing, welding and other methods to combine into the final product. and "Add material manufacturing" eramic Candle Holder and different, without the original embryo and mold, can be directly based on computer graphics data,eramic Candle Holder by adding materials to generate any shape of the object, simplify the production process, shorten the production cycle, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Ceramic materials have excellent high-temperature properties, high-strength, eramic Candle Holder high hardness, low density, good chemical stability, the use of aerospace, eramic Candle Holder automotive, biological and other industries have been widely used. And the characteristics of ceramic is difficult to be formed and its use, especially the complex ceramic parts of the molding all by means of complex molds to achieve. Complex molds need higher processing costs and longer development cycle, and, after the mold processing, eramic Candle Holder it can not be modified, this situation is increasingly not adapt to product improvement that is upgrading. The defects can be overcome by using rapid prototyping technology to prepare ceramic workpieces. eramic Candle Holder Rapid prototyping, also known as free solid modeling, is the happy technology that sprung up in the the mid 1960s.

The essence of RP technology is to make three-dimensional entity by integrating method, in the forming process, first three-dimensional modeling software in the computer generated parts of the solid model, eramic Candle Holder and then layered software to its layered processing, the three-dimensional model will be divided into a series of layers, each layer of information sent to the molding machine, eramic Candle Holder through the material to add the three-dimensional solid system pieces.

The ceramic powder used for 3D printing is a mixture of ceramic powders and a certain binder powder. Because the melting point of binder powder is low, eramic Candle Holder the bonding agent powder is melted and the ceramic powder is bonded together in laser sintering. After the laser sintering, ceramic products need to be put into the temperature-controlled furnace, at a higher temperature after treatment. eramic Candle Holder The ratio of ceramic powder and binder powder will affect the performance of ceramic parts.

The more the binder component is, the easier sintering is, but the larger the parts shrink in the post treatment process, which will affect the dimension precision of the parts, eramic Candle Holder and the less the binder component, the more difficult the sintering molding. eramic Candle Holder The surface morphology and original size of the particles are very important to the sintering properties of ceramic materials, the smaller the ceramic particles, eramic Candle Holder the closer the surface is to the sphere, the better the sintering quality of the ceramic layer. When the ceramic powder is directly and rapidly sintered by laser, the surface tension of the liquid phase is large, and the thermal stress is produced in the rapid solidification process, thus forming more microcracks. eramic Candle Holder At present, the direct rapid prototyping technology is not mature, at home and abroad is at the research stage, has not realized commercialization