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Eramic Candle Holder High Temperature Performance

Jul 12, 2017

Now there have been some ceramic 3D printer, eramic Candle Holder the price of 100 million to 5 million yuan have. Antarctic bear hope that the following can give readers a comprehensive understanding.

The traditional CNC manufacturing is generally based on the use of cutting, grinding, corrosion, melting and other methods to remove excess materials, get parts, eramic Candle Holder and then to stitching, grinding, eramic Candle Holder Welding and other methods into the final product.While the "material manufacturing" is different, without the original embryo and mold, can be directly based on computer graphics data, by increasing the material to create any shape of the object, simplify the product manufacturing process, The resulting development cycle, eramic Candle Holder improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Ceramic materials with excellent high temperature performance, high strength, high hardness, low density, good chemical stability, eramic Candle Holder the use of its aerospace, automotive, eramic Candle Holder biological and other industries are widely used. The ceramic is difficult to shape the characteristics of its use, especially the formation of complex ceramic parts are achieved through the use of complex molds. Complex molds require higher processing costs and longer development cycles, and, after the mold is finished, it can not be modified, eramic Candle Holder and this situation is becoming less and less suitable for product improvement. The use of rapid prototyping technology to prepare ceramic parts can overcome these shortcomings. Rapid prototyping, also known as free solid modeling, eramic Candle Holder eramic Candle Holder is the mid-20th century, the rise of the mid-60s happy technology.

The essence of rapid prototyping technology is the use of integral method to create three-dimensional entities, in the molding process, first with three-dimensional modeling software in the computer-generated components of the three-dimensional solid model, eramic Candle Holder and then layered software for its hierarchical processing, eramic Candle Holder the three-dimensional model is divided into a series Of the layer, the information will be sent to each layer of the molding machine, through the material layer by layer to get three-dimensional solid parts. Compared with the traditional model production, 3D printing with the traditional mold production does not have the advantage:

1. High production accuracy. After 20 years of development, 3D printing accuracy has been greatly improved. At present, the accuracy of 3D printing on the market can be basically controlled below 0.3 mm;

2. Short production cycle. eramic Candle Holder Traditional model production often need to go through the mold design, mold making, making the model, finishing and other processes, eramic Candle Holder the production cycle is long. And 3D printing is to remove the mold of the production process, eramic Candle Holder making the model of production time greatly shortened, generally a few hours or even tens of minutes to complete a model of printing;

3. Can be personalized production. 3D printing for the number of models printed without restrictions, whether one or more can be produced at the same cost, this advantage for 3D printing to open up new markets and laid a solid foundation;

4. Make the diversity of materials. eramic Candle Holder A 3D printing system can often achieve the printing of different materials, and the diversity of this material can meet the needs of different areas. eramic Candle Holder Such as metal, stone, polymer materials can be applied to 3D printing. 5. Production costs are relatively low. Although the 3D printing system and 3D printing materials are more expensive, but if used to make personalized products, the production cost is relatively low. eramic Candle Holder Coupled with the current emergence of new materials, the cost of the future will be a downward trend. Some people say that in the next decade or so, 3D printing will enter the ordinary people home.

The ceramic powder for 3D printing is a mixture of ceramic powder and a certain binder powder. Since the melting point of the binder powder is low, the binder powder is melted while the laser is sintered to bond the ceramic powder together. After the laser sintering, eramic Candle Holder the ceramic products need to be placed into the temperature control furnace, at a higher temperature for post-processing. The ratio of the ceramic powder to the binder powder affects the performance of the ceramic component.