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Eramic Candle Holder Geographical Distribution

Jun 06, 2017

eramic Candle Holder The Eastern Han Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties ceramic candlestick modeling can be divided into animal, geometric and plant categories. eramic Candle Holder The first two types of candlestick are more abundant, and the plants are relatively single in shape. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms and the Jin Dynasties, the animal candlestick existed for a long time, eramic Candle Holder and the geometrical and plant types appeared in the Northern and Southern dynasties. In cultural factors, the most important part of Candlestick is the candle tube, different periods of candle tube shape, and different types of candle use of different periods. The candlestick height was also due to new changes in the pedal of people who were later seated. eramic Candle Holder In the decorative pattern, the animal candlestick decoration is more complicated, the plant type candlestick second, the geometry class candlestick very few. In the geographical distribution, the Southern Candlestick shape and quantity is much richer than the north, the ceramic candlestick in the South region, Fujian area candlestick region characteristic. eramic Candle Holder On the whole, the Eastern Han Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties period, people in the ceramic candlestick to solve the candle upright and overflow wax collection, made a positive, beneficial exploration, for the future generations in these two aspects of the breakthrough laid the foundation.

Porcelain is a great invention in ancient China, in the long history, the industrious and intelligent Chinese ancestors gold and wrote a brilliant chapter, which made great contribution to human civilization. From the perspective of China's ceramic development, the term "ceramic" is generally divided into two categories, pottery and porcelain. Usually, the carcass has no dense sintered clay and porcelain stone products,eramic Candle Holder whether coloured or white, collectively referred to as pottery. One of the higher sintering temperature, a good part of the sinter is called "Hard pottery", the glazing of a kind called "glazed." Relatively speaking, eramic Candle Holder after high temperature sintering, the sintering degree of the fetal body is more dense, the glaze quality is good clay or porcelain stone products called "porcelain". For the development of Chinese traditional ceramics, experienced a very long historical period, a variety of complex, process special, so the classification of Chinese traditional ceramics in addition to considering the technical hard indicators, but also need to consider the traditional customary classification methods, combined with the changes in ancient and modern science and technology understanding, eramic Candle Holder can be more effective to draw the conclusion of classification

Candle holder used for cutting candles and dripping wax. Simple, is a pin with a sharp needle, exquisite, will cast a variety of craft modeling. The size is also different, the small is placed in a few cases on the table, can hold the mobile walk, the big person pastes the place, eramic Candle Holder the shape is like the floor lamp, has several caps can simultaneously burn several candles. There are many layers of candlestick, lit candle, like silver flower fire tree, brilliant. Materials have silver, copper, iron, tin, wood, porcelain, tile and many other.