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Do You Know The Meaning Of Jesus's Name

Dec 11, 2017

Do you know the meaning of Jesus's name?

There are more than 10 names and titles to Jesus in the Bible. Some are his own name, some are the name of his name, or the prophet of the Old Testament, the name of the future Savior. Each name has a special meaning, which commends some of Jesus's characteristics. Here are the names of four Jesus.

1. Jesus

Jesus is the Greek name and is for "Jehoshua" in Hebrew, and the Old Testament "Joshua" is translated into Greek as "Jesus". The name means "the salvation of the Lord". As the 1: 21 of the gospel of Matthew, the envoy of the LORD said, "he will save his people from sin." In the Jews at that time, "Jesus" is a common name. Today's Spanish or South American men still use many names of "Jesus". When the Lord Jesus descended into the world, he used the ordinary name of man, and also told him that he came to the world for salvation.

Two. Christ

"Jesus" is the name of the man, "Christ" is the identity. In the Jewish tradition, "Christ" (Greek) is the "Messiah" (Hebrew) that they have been looking forward to. In the Old Testament, the Messiah means the anointed, which is the ointment of the Israelites as the king or the priesthood (also the Prophet). They are all servants of God, leading the people to worship and serve God. However, at that time, the Messiah, which the Jews looked forward to, was a king who was promised by God. The descendants of David would lead the Jews to escape from the oppression of the Gentiles and enjoy the peace of the dynasty of David. But in God's plan of salvation, the "Christ" will be suffering and death, and then to become the king of kings. His country is not the world, and anyone who believes in him, no matter where the people, can enter the kingdom of God.

Three, Son of Man

The prophets of the Old Testament, Daniel and Ezekiel, used to call themselves "son of man" to show that they were only humble. The gospel records Jesus also said that, on the surface is similar to the ancient prophet says, in fact they contain Jesus claiming to be sent by God to be the Messiah as italy. This can be realized by the Jews' reaction to the self - called "son of man" by Jesus at that time. Jesus called himself "son of man", which indicates that he has 100% aspects of human nature, and that he is the Savior of the human body and the descending of the world.

Four, the son of God

In the Old Testament, God called the children of Israel the son of God, that the people were governed by God. In the New Testament, Jesus is called the son of God. He is the only son of the father's arms. He is a true God with 100% divinity, the son and the Holy Father and Holy Spirit. He came to the world not only for the mercy of God, the redemption of God, but also the power and power of God, and the sovereignty of God and God.