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Christians Please Be Careful And Immortal

Feb 07, 2018

In the Bible, there is a story about the dialogue between the young officer and Jesus. In Luke eighteen, chapter 18-30 is worth thinking and introspection by Christians. Someone took the child to Jesus, want to seek the blessing of Jesus children, by the disciples back, Jesus blame his disciples, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of people. Then the young officer came to ask Jesus how to have eternal life. From his dialogue, we can see what kind of person he is. His words show some negative problems, which is the problem of Christians.

First of all, when he came to Jesus, the first thing he said was "good husband". Jews will not call Jesus good, because they are good at law, while young officials here call Jesus a good master, to express his respect for Jesus. This respect is nothing more than the external, because he did not know the truth, so he does not understand the meaning of what is "good", but he knew the word praise of people, so I use the word. But Jesus didn't praise him because of his sweet words. Instead, he told him straight out that only God is good, he is also the source of all good things.

Christians often also is so, knowing that the Lord Jesus in the world without a foil to himself, or say some sweet words in the sight of the Lord, that can make good, but do not love the Lord, but let the LORD be displeased, because the Lord knows all hearts, no joy of hypocrites the Bible says "is to say, it is not to say," please don't too much excuse, because Jesus doesn't really love the behavior with a glib tongue.

When a young official asked Jesus how to get eternal life, he thought that eternal life is dependent on behavior. He still lives under the law, though he is a man who sticks to the law, but he can't live by law, because man can't do the whole law. Everyone is a sinner under the law, for the law is known to be a man of sin. Jesus said to obey his commands, the young officer said that all he had kept, everybody should abide by these commandments, but not by these commandments for eternal life, which will guide the life, so that people in the world do an orderly person, without the most basic relation and eternal life. Want to have eternal life through Jesus, the young man thought he performed the law, life can get, he will be big with pride for their actions. This is often the case with Christians, and we think that after salvation we depend on the joy of the Lord and for the grace of the LORD by his own efforts. However, it's not like this. Often, the more eager for quick success and instant benefit, the more it is just the opposite. Because we often use actions instead of confidence and act instead of intimacy. We always care about some external things and walk in form, but the godly appearance is pious. Always act in complacency steal the glory of God, all the credit to myself, want to use a credit behavior in the presence of the lord. Actually no picketing our transgressions, otherwise no one can stand.

The young officer Jesus to show that he is a promising young officer to keep the law, I can get praise and eternal life of Jesus, he thinks he is in the law is blameless. But the LORD said, "you are short of one, to sell all of you to the poor, and you will have the treasure in heaven, and you will come and follow me." When the treasure moves the heart, Jesus's words touched the key of the young official. He never thought that this way could be achieved. His idea is to get eternal life on the basis of wealth, which is really perfect, but the main word made him feel at sea.

Eternal life is not to go bankrupt, but the gift of grace, if life is valuable, so no one can get the world, let the young master, the sale of the property have eternal life test in his heart, and in the young heart is the most important, money, even life can't change his treasure.

We look at ourselves, is it the young officer, too? Get the eternal promise, then catch up with the sleeves, catch the world, get money, do everything for money, even Jesus, don't care about it forever. When it comes to Judah, the thirty-two silver seller, isn't the Christian today? Because the seller can go Maiyou petty profits, not in money in the eternal life, finally only hold money going to hell, this is the Christian alert and thoughtful.

In the calculation of the young officer's repetition, he passed away with eternal life. He saw eternal life, knew eternal life, and finally did not get eternal life. He is an official, so he wants to do everything in his mind. One thing has to come and come back and forth in his mind so many times that he does not think about doing it. Because he is a man of the mind, he wants to figure out his gains and losses, and the wisdom of the man. But all the calculations of the forefathers were pale and disgraceful, and God was not pleased with his intersecting. Because he loved the world because he did not leave the same benefits to the people who sought him.

If a Christian is always as wise as a young officer in front of the Lord, it is ignorant. Self righteous, in fact, never got, never lost. So Christians have to know their ignorance in the face of God, and do not calculate with the Lord, and the more the calculation is not. Often God's grace to us is lost in our calculations. Just like this young official, we always think of ourselves before God, and we always fear that we will suffer losses. In turn, it is not God who makes us suffer, but our own plan to harm ourselves.

In a word, we would like to be a honest man in front of the Lord. Love is mainly without price, beyond reason, without hesitation. In the dialogue between the young officer and the Lord, we may see the shadow of our own and seek the absolution of the Lord.