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Catholicism And The Orthodox Church Will Again Engage In Theological Dialogue To Achieve Common Understanding In The Service Of The Church

Sep 21, 2017

Catholicism and the Orthodox Church will again engage in theological dialogue to achieve common understanding in the service of the church

The International Federation of Catholic and Orthodox theology dialogue committee will be held on September 5th to 9 in Greece and Leros (Leros) held a meeting. International Joint Committee of Catholic and orthodox theological dialogue in September last year in Italy city of Chieti (Chieti) issued a joint document: "the first thousand years in the company and fellow chief position in the unity of the church service to common understanding".

The Vatican Radio reported that the holy Christian unity committee chairman to promote Koch (Kurt Koch) on behalf of cardinal ter Meissl J and orthodox patriarch of Constantinople (Telmessos) Archbishop (Job Getcha) examination will be co chaired the meeting. The meeting was organized by Archbishop Constantin, Archbishop of the Diocese of Pai Theo J (Paisios).

Pope Francis met the Committee in January 27th this year and has shown that "the core of Christ's faith in life and the resurrection of Jesus for the love of death is our guide to the perfect oneness."." The martyrs call upon us to live together with their lives, to move more briskly towards the path of unity. So, what are we waiting for?" Like the blood of martyrs, in the early days the church became the seed of new Christians, and today the blood of many martyrs will become a symbol of Christian unity, a bond, and a peaceful future".

After signing the joint document, the International Joint Commission on the theological dialogue between the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Church has the task of arranging the process of future theological dialogue between the Catholic and the orthodox church. The Holy One Committee Deputy Secretary General for Promoting Christian Palmieri (Andrea Palmieri) Monsignor introduces the significance of this document after the meeting said: "the two sides have signed in 2007 a Ravenna (Ravenna) file, in order to open a long journey. Now this is the journey of the fruits of Chieti file. Catholics and Orthodox Christians in Ravenna have shown in the document, it is necessary in the local area, and the scope of the universal Church chief right. Ravenna paper discussed in detail the implementation of this chief right in what way."