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Candle Holder Production Methods

May 18, 2017

Candle Holder Hand-making can make us happier, and make our life more exciting. Love all kinds of handmade also calculate a feeling of affection, below we appreciate this beautiful wooden candle-set production method bar.

1. Old Cans DIY candle table: Candle Holder Preparation tools old cans, pigments, pens, scissors, nails, hammer steps: First cut off the top of the older cans, Candle Holder the jar is cut open, the bottom also cut open, but to retain the connection part, as long as can pave the way to the body. The second is to draw a pattern above the jar body, tile the pot body onto the plank, and knock out the holes along the painted pattern with nails. After the tank body partially restored to the original, paint with the color you like. The pigment dry thoroughly, in the candlestick inside the candle, one oneself use the old cans DIY candlestick to do well. It is a simple thing to think of the old cans making candles.

2. Self-made fun candlestick: The first step, Candle Holder first with a hammer to tieshao the spoon to the flat. The second step, the long nails will be compared to the top of the spoon, then hammer with a long nail, the top of the spoon out of a round hole, the hole to blow a bit larger, Candle Holder hole is too small to find a matching screw. The third step, the spoon put on the hole after the blow, will bend into a crescent-shaped, three spoons bend angle to the same, access cannot be too big. After bending, Candle Holder you will three the spoon together with a screw through, and then tighten with the nut. The fourth step, the following three spoons fixed to the fourth spoon in the screw string, and then tighten the nut (the nut to twist several more). Candle Holder All the nuts tighten the spoon up after the screwdriver bends and bends into a shape of the letter "C". The fifth step, the spoon bent good after using contact adhesive to put the spoon and screw cohesion of the place. The sixth step, put a good spoon candlestick spray on their favorite color. Candle Holder After the above simple six-step interest candlestick in this production, is not very simple.

In life can find beauty, in life we can also create the United States, the above small series taught to use cans and spoons to make a simple candle set. Candle Holder Did you feel incredible after you saw it? Drink the soda cans discarded, usually used to eat the spoon can also create a beautiful candle set. So we should find beauty in life and create beauty. saw a small compilation of the article for candles, I believe that everyone has been eager to personally make it, then hurry ready to do the tools personally.