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Candle Holder Importance

Jul 03, 2017

Candle Holder Was seen in the Ming Yongle period blue and white candle holders, although very rare in the market, but few of the few appearances are perfect end. 2005 in Beijing Hanhai spring shoots, Candle Holder a Ming Yongle years of blue and white branches of the flower pattern of eight candle holders from 10 million yuan starting, after 14 rounds of buyers bid, and ultimately to 20.35 million yuan turnover, Candle Holder in one fell swoop became the highest in the Mainland Porcelain auction, much attention. In fact, this eight candle holders as early as the spring of 2001 Shanghai Jinghua first shot on the cause of a marvel, then this porcelain to 968 million yuan of the transaction price for a time people talked about the topic. After a lapse of 4 years, Candle Holder the price actually soared 2.3 times, making this Pantheon Candlestick in the collection world famous. So, why should the blue and white candlestick have such a great charm?

Yongxuan blue and white to the possession of the heavy, Candle Holder and all the candlestick is created in the Ming Yongle period of blue and white porcelain in a class of heavy equipment. Handed down the eternal blue and white candle holders gathered in the Beijing Palace Museum, the Shanghai Museum, the British Museum of British, know no more than 10, rare world. This is one of the important reasons for the high price of P Plus Candlestick.

Pantheon design prototype from the Islamic metal containers, in 2001 and 2005 twice on the stage and twice to create a high price of Ming Yongle blue and white flowers floral pattern of eight candle holders to have the value of Chinese and foreign cultural exchange history. This octagonal candlestick 29.8 cm high, Candle Holder eight way, sub-candle inserted, even the column, pedestal 3 layer. Whole body blue and white decoration, candle holders eight open, painted inside the four-season flower pattern. Its shape imitation in ancient Egypt and Syria is very popular copper candlestick, graceful attitude in a metal rigidity, is the classic period of porcelain Yongle period, Candle Holder can shoot twice the price is also reasonable.

Pleasure candle holders to the development of Xuande period has some changes in the painting to show a lot of different. The most obvious changes in the performance of the mouth of the banana leaves replaced by wishful head pattern, the neck of the square pattern and wrapped in a copy of the texture of the twisted lotus. Candle Holder In addition, the Yongle candle holder is not decorated on the outside of the shoulder and near the bottom of the oblique wall, Candle Holder Xuande period are decorated with zigzag geometry.

Because of its unique characteristics and the amount of rare, Octopus candlestick can always create success in the film field, and therefore there have been many fakes. Candle Holder But because of the structure of the candlestick is not familiar with these fakes are often loopholes. For example, the bottom of the real thing is often concave, but some imitation because the counterfeiters for the candlestick structure is not clear, Candle Holder the bottom of some fake turned out to be flat. Therefore, the collection of eight candlesticks to be cautious.