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Candle Holder Endearing

Jun 06, 2017

Candle Holder I believe a lot of people are plagued by blackouts, and when the blackout is dark around us, we tend to turn on flashlights or light candles. However, every time the candle burns out, Candle Holder we will find that the candles on the table will be filled with burnt wax, which often makes us very headache, because the wax is very troublesome to clean up. Today, I'm going to teach you a simple candle stand to solve this problem.

First step: Take out a piece of paper, Candle Holder cut into two, and then cut the two pieces of paper folded, you can

Step two: Then fold the paper along the dotted line in half two corners, both sides to fold

Step three: Turn the folded paper over, Candle Holder fold the dotted line down, fold it in half, and then fold the top triangle down and stand up,

Step Fourth: Fold one of the same shapes according to the above method, then put two of shapes together, and then fix them with solid glue.

Step Fifth: Cut the remaining paper into four of a short rectangular note, and then use the solid glue glued to the four corners of the graph, and finally stand up to complete, Candle Holder as shown in the figure below. Just put the candles in the blackout, and you can solve the problem of wax dripping on the table.

Candles, a warm salutation, Candle Holder are always more endearing than fluorescent lamps. Find her a beautiful candlestick and let the candles burn.

Candles have been the space to add the atmosphere of the tool, the light swaying ambiguous, making the whole space is very romantic. In northern Europe, Candle Holder the special early dark, but also show the existence of candles, after all, she brought a warm and home feeling.