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Accompanied By Religious Changes

Jul 24, 2015

Historically some great change is often accompanied by religious changes. People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, China's social and economic system and political system has undergone a fundamental change in China's religious also adapt to the new political and economic situation has undergone a change. Catholic, anti-imperialist movement within the Christian church conducted severed relations with imperialism, eliminate the influence of imperialism, the implementation of Chinese church autonomy, self-support and self-propagation, independently managing the churches. China's Buddhism, Taoism, Islam is the religion of the abolition of feudal exploitation and oppression of the feudal system. Democratic reform in 1959, Tibet carried out, abolished the feudal serf system in Tibet's theocratic society. Chinese religion of these changes that have occurred in the 1950s in the respective religious organizations and adapt to socialist society, no longer imperialist, feudal landlord class and the bureaucrat-capitalist class control and use the tools to become patriotic unity under the leadership of the Communist Party of China part of the front