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About Archangel Michael

Jan 12, 2018

Michael is the first battle with Satan's hero, his sculptures are usually sword warriors form, another identity Michael, is to count at the final judgment of man's soul to guide the dead angel, "the other side", and the trial after the death of fate. Michael in the midstream of Christianity guarded the soul of the virgin Maria, not to be contaminated by others.

Michael and Egyptian mythology, the God of Sirius Sirius is the same as the godhead. Thus, Michael was the wizard of yin. In Greek mythology, Michael corresponds to the spirit of Hermes or Apollo, corresponding to the Greek alphabet, which represents the "beginning" and "rebirth" of Alfa. Therefore, Michael is also the guide of the soul and the guardian angel of light.

"Angel of mercy", "justice angel" and "God Prince", four angels and seven angels are found in the name of Michael, according to the Old Testament "Daniel" heritage, Michael is Israel's guardian angel, is the sole guardian of sixty-nine emerging countries not fallen angels. It is also an angel that will lead the world to the world when the world is in chaos. In Islam, Michael is depicted as "jade wings, reddish hair, millions of faces, oral and tongue, and millions of dialects, seeking Allah's pardon". The Koran recorded that Michael weep for the sins of the believer and born the cherub.