Michael The Guide Of The Soul And The Guardian Angel Of Light

material:Wood frame and the picture is anti-water
Icon: Can mixed,choose you need,custom color:It can be customized to provide
function:Display for table, for home and office decoration, obaptism gifts perfect gifts for faith.
Delivery Time:about 30 thirty days after Confirmation payment
Country of Origin:Zhejiang,China
Buy Sample Link:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1899533
Production Time:20-25 days after receipt of the deposit.

Product Details

Michael the guide of the soul and the guardian angel of light

Product Description:

The right-handed sword and the left-handed scale are the standard images of Michael. In 1950, the Vatican took Michael as the patron saint of the police. The "judgment" in the Tarot of the "classic Weite" is the scene in which Michael sounds the trumpet of doomsday and the resurrection of the dead.

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