Jesus Christ On The Cross Metal Key Chain

size:10*4.5(cm) custom
Icon: Can mixed,choose you need,custom color:It can be customized to provide
function:Key chain,baptism gifts for people.
Delivery Time:about 30 thirty days after Confirmation payment
Country of Origin:Zhejiang,China
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Production Time:20-25 days after receipt of the deposit.

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Jesus Christ On The Cross Metal Key Chain

Product Description:

Jesus was a Jew, and the Jews had believed in the Old Testament since ancient times. They knew that a Savior would have been born in Judaea, but they did not believe that Jesus was. It was the Jewish Roman rule, but some Jewish worship is still standing, they also help the Roman rule of the Jewish people, so Jewish aristocrat Jesus handed over to the Romans, demanded the execution of Jesus, because Jesus said that he was the Messiah, the son of God, many Jews nobles did not believe that he believes in blasphemy.

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