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You know Catholic Holy crucifix Holy Rosary card Meaning and usage

Mar 30, 2018

The cross is a kind of cruel torture in ancient times used to represent the death penalty, punishment and death. Since Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and brought eternal life to mankind, the Church of the Holy Church took the cross of redemption and life as a sign of faith. There are different types of crosses, such as Jesus crucifixion, crucifix, Jerusalem cross, Celtic Cross, etc.

Jesus (cross crucifix crucifixion): icon at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. Jesus crucifixion reminds us not only of Christ, but also of Jesus's crucifixion for our sins, and it is also a symbol of love. There must be Jesus crucifixion in churches and mass. As the most powerful exorcism, whether we kiss, embrace or hold the crucifix of Jesus, we can pray for God's protection from evil spirits.

ST: brand is the most common Catholic, is also the best protective relic. Holy cards are usually worn on the neck, or hung at home, or placed on the bedside of patients to protect their families or patients, and patients recover at an early date. The shape of the Holy Card is usually cross, round or oval. Can be divided into two categories: the Madonna St. licensing, Benedict exorcism card st.. After the card is generally used to consecrate holy exorcism, healing, protection.

Beads: although used to chant, but it is also a powerful relic for Christ the faithful expulsion of devil and safe protection. When the Virgin Mary appears around the world, she tells us that we must keep the beads around us everyday, and we cannot leave them. Besides being around, beads can also be worn on the neck, hanging in the home and in the car.

The statue of Jesus Christ, the virgin, the saints, portrait portrait, for worship, meditation, chanting prayers. The holy image should be placed in the proper clean places in the church and home, and flowers, holy water and holy wax can be placed. Daily salute icon, can modify the behavior, clean heart, away from the evil desire.

Holy water: it is the holy treasure of the church, with a lot of use. There are bathing, washing the Holy Spirit, healing, exorcism, home town house, etc.. Christ the faithful home there should be water, dirty things and situations encountered in the home, can sprinkle holy water, to clean the house. When you are suffering from illness, drink more water. Easter five injured holy water and the holy mountain is holy standing, to do urgently.

The wax is used for placing in front of the image, or the use of chanting prayers. Pray prayers can make use of the wax peace of mind, better able to help the faithful into the spiritual state of christ. The holy wax is the symbol of light. The resurrection of the wax has the meaning of light and joy of the meaning.

Nowadays, most of the materials used for making sacred objects are metal, resin, ceramics and wood. Among many materials, olive wood is the most significant and valuable, especially the olive wood from the holy place Jerusalem / Bai cold city.

In the Holy Land Jerusalem / Bethlehem, the olive tree is regarded as God's gift to mankind, is the blessing of the plant. From the Bible, dove takes the green olive branch back to Noah, heralding the peace in heaven, the God is willing to return to the human being, to Jesus's crucifixion made of olive wood, the olive tree is called the tree of life, the sacred tree! The vitality of olive trees is very tenacious and has been given special significance in human culture. It is a symbol of peace, beauty, healing, tenacity and persistence.

According to historical records, the planting of olive trees in sacred land in Jerusalem dates back to 4000 BC. Olive wood is solid, with clear texture and bright colors. It is a noble tree in Europe. Only the branches of olive trees that are over 150 years old can be used as raw materials for making handicrafts. Olive trees not only connect the past, but also bring good future for people.