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Who Is Mary Magdalene

Jan 11, 2018

When Jesus traveled around the towns and townships, he was accompanied by twelve women, including a few of the women he had healed. Maria of Magdala was one of them.

Jesus healed the ghost everywhere, cured the Magdalene Maria, and drove out the ghost on her. When she believed in Jesus, she gave her possessions and supplied Jesus and his disciples
When Jesus was taken to the trial, his disciples left him and fled. The crucifixion of Jesus when the environment is extremely bad, but she and Jesus to the cross, see Jesus suffer, die, bury.

After the sabbath, Maria in the days before dawn to the tomb of Jesus, and found the tomb was empty, the other disciples try to look at the empty tomb was gone, only cry Maria at the empty tomb, so she became the first saw the resurrected Jesus witness.

But some modern writers think Maria of Magdala is Jesus's wife. The authors quoted the Gnostic writing to support their arguments. For example, the remnant chapter, which is called the gospel of Philip, does not only describe Maria of Magdala as one of the twelve disciples, but also the closest apostle to Jesus. This intimate relationship is described as the Maria of Magdala who can understand Jesus and his teachings, while other apostles can not.

In the gospel of the gospel of the gospel, there is a sentence: "the companion of the Savior is Maria Magdala. Jesus often kisses her "lack of words" and loves her better than other disciples. " The other disciples were annoyed and expressed their dissatisfaction. They asked Jesus, "why do you love her better than all of us?"

Though it is difficult to conclude, Maria is at least in agreement with her role as a wife or widow in Jesus's suffering and his grave. Though it may be Jesus's concern for her and his mother Maria.

Another argument used to support Jesus's marriage is that according to Matthew, Jesus belonged to the family of King David, the descendant of the Jewish king Solomon. Celibacy was very rare for Jewish men in the age of Jesus. Jesus was a Jew, and according to the tradition of the time, the Jewish man had to marry. According to the custom of the Jews, being alone is to be condemned, and a Jewish father is obliged to find a suitable wife for his son. However, there is no evidence that this  marriage tradition in first Century A.D. has been developed.

About Maria Magdalene is the wife of Jesus thought, because some books such as "holy blood, Holy Grail" and by the book profound fantasy novel "the Da Vinci code" is popular.