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What is a hymn

Apr 11, 2018

Hymn, a song of praise of God sung during the ceremony of worship. The main content of lyrics is praise, gratitude and prayer for God. Most hymns now have four chord twees, Alto, subtenor and bass, but the early hymns have no harmony or accompaniment. The earliest complete lyric is Greek hymn, which was written before 200 ad, entitled "let go, the light of joy".

There are 150 poems called "Psalms" in the Old Testament, which are divided into five parts, including the praise of God or the blessing of God. Most Jews sing in the great chapel.

Many hymns came from the hand of David, the Jewish king. He was also a musician, and some of his sons, Mose.

Hymns of the twenty-third song "Ye Hehua is my shepherd, I shall not want......" Perhaps the most widely known piece of the poem.