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Using the kyanite Rosary

Apr 14, 2018

X-Rite transparent crystal kyanite as gemstones, with dark blue is better. North Carolina produced a dark blue, Green Jewel kyanite. Crystal can be made into faceted gemstones or beads, but it is difficult to polish and polish.

The main components of Kyanite minerals are Kyanite and a small amount of sillimanite. The accessory minerals are quartz, and the secondary minerals are biotite, mica and chlorite.

The theory is composed of Kyanite is 62.93%, 37.07%. As the kyanite mineral crystals often contain a small number of accessory minerals, they generally fail to reach the theoretical value. On the kyanite concentrate, the content of Kyanite and minerals and impurities.

Kyanite is one of the typical regional metamorphic minerals, by argillaceous rock metamorphism. It is mainly formed by intermediate metamorphic pressure. It exists in regional metamorphic schist and gneiss and related crystalline granite and quartz dikes. It is associated with garnet, stony, mica and quartz.