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Two of the seven sacred objects of Christianity

Mar 12, 2018

This is the year of Mose in Sinai on the top of the Holy Grail, Jesus and the twelve disciples at the last supper, the table was bare, Jesus used his body into a cake, into wine by his own blood for your food, the Christian Eucharist established. The cake represents Jesus's body, and the wine represents his blood. The wine cup that Jesus shared with his disciples was the Holy Grail, and later Jesus was killed by a pagan, and the leader used this wine cup to serve Jesus's blood donation. The most traditional interpretation of the Holy Grail is the Holy Grail of Jesus's blood in Jesus's crucifixion. Many legends believe that if you can find the Grail and drink the water filled will rejuvenate and eternal life, the legend is widely extended to many literary, film and television, games and other works, such as the legend of King Arthur, who said he will have his biggest goal is to find the Holy grail. But there are all kinds of interpretations of the Holy Grail in history. The latest popular explanation is from Dan Brown's Da Vinci code. In the book, the Holy Grail is not what the Rome Vatican claimed, it was the cup Jesus used in the last supper, but a metaphor. The Holy Grail actually refers to Jesus's spouse. It is Mary Magdalene, a sacred goddess. She has been pregnant with his children before Jesus's death, and has extended the descendants of Christ and touched the controversy between the divinity and humanity of. If the Holy Grail really wipe and Maria, the deity of Christ will be shaken, because God is not likely to have offspring, and if this is true, is also a deception of the largest in the world, Jesus is not God, but only one has extraordinary thought of a Jewish man. In the Tarot in the tarot, the Holy Grail is minor arcana in one color. In the four elements that symbolize the elements of water, the constellations of water attributes include cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, both of which are soft and tender. The round Holy Grail can be seen that the Holy Grail is a negative group, and it is more negative in the shade, representing the soul of the woman. Most of the cards represent people's emotions and interpersonal relationships. When asked questions about emotions, few or even the Holy Grail, it means that your feelings for the other party may not be very heavy. Of course, we need to take account of the actual situation of that time to make further explanation. As for the Holy Grail palace card, it is generally conceived that personality characteristics are more sensitive and romantic. Later developed into a card in the heart of the red. "Some people have been looking for this baby in the last 2000, and even some people have proposed that the Holy Grail is not necessarily a cup, but the skull of Jesus!