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Three of the seven sacred objects of Christianity the shroud of Turin

Mar 14, 2018

Shroud of Turin is a piece of linen, 14 feet (4.26 meters) long, before and after the mark shows that were used in the package is a tall, long hair bearded man, his feet, wrist and on both sides of the body injury, ooze blood outward.
It is said that after Jesus was crucified and died, the corpse was wrapped and buried.
It is not the only holy object so claimed, and there are about 40 shroud in all parts of the world that claim to have had zero contact with the body of Jesus.
The shroud of Turin is famous for its purported outline of the body of Jesus, which many believe is true today.
It first appeared in a small town in France called lire in the 14th century.
The end of March 2013, the Italian scientists to a new study found that Jesus was crucified on the cross in 2000 years ago, infrared detection results show that the shroud of Turin s consistent with the time of death of Jesus, suggesting that the shroud is used to package the body of Jesus Christ.