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The theory of Christian redemption

Apr 28, 2018

Anyone who believes in repentance and believes that Jesus is the son of God, the death of our sins on the cross, the third day of the resurrection from the dead, the forgiveness of our sins, and the Holy Spirit that God has promised, will be reborn and saved. We are saved by virtue and by faith; we are justified by faith, by faith, by the Holy Spirit, by faith in the name of the son of God.

We believe that God keeps Jesus's children in the end, and believers should believe in the truth.

We believe that receiving the Holy Spirit is the proof of salvation, and the spirit of God is our heart to prove that we are the son of God.

We object to any special phenomenon or personal experience as a basis for salvation.

We oppose Ryan's theory of crime after being rescued, oppose the theory of salvation and oppose salvation by law.