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The Orthodox Church, one of the three main genres of Christianity

Apr 02, 2018

The Orthodox Church in the East was originally a Christian Orthodox School. "East" is the geographical direction of the birth of the Christian faith and the Eastern Christian and church system represented by the Orthodox Church. "Orthodoxy" is composed of two parts, which are derived from the Greek language of "orthodox[, orth, orth doksos". In the early church and apostolic succession issue, which means "full" and "complete", and "no omission". It belongs to a kind of ideology that Christianity has always had.

The Orthodox Church derives from the origin of Greek civilization's savior belief. It is famous for the Byzantine Empire and the state religion of the Russian Empire in the eastern part of Rome empire. In the first Century, the archetype of the five cities of Jerusalem, antetyk, Constantinople (Bai Zhanting), Alexandria and Rome were born by Greek Christians. Constantinople became the national capital of the Rome empire in fourth Century. In fifth Century, the eastern marginal churches were expelled from the theory of sex.

In Eleventh Century, the eastern and Western church broke up and formed the eastern Rome Orthodox Church. In fifteenth Century, the East Rome Empire because of the battle the downfall of constantinople. The establishment of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox church led by the Orthodox Church system. As of 2014, nearly four hundred million of the world's Orthodox Christians; including the ecumenical patriarchate communion of two hundred and fifty million different sects of believers. The Orthodox Church in the former Soviet Republic was mostly governed by the Moscow pastoral administration in the Russian church. There were one hundred and sixty million believers, and the second single political and cultural groups of the Christians after the Vatican. In China, it is temporarily independent of Christianity in China and has no independent religious status.