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The meaning of the cross necklace

Mar 03, 2018

Cross necklace what is the meaning

1, Everyone's first contact with the cross should be through the deeds of Jesus. In  order to eliminate sin and suffer and suffer for mankind, Jesus  crucified and represents the selfless love in Jesus' heart. In one of  our Chinese idioms, Jesus described it as righteous sacrifice,  symbolizing freedom and liberation.

2, the cross is also a symbol of Christianity, with faith, meaning of salvation.

3.  Among pop culture, the cross is synonymous with fashion, and men and  women who wear the cross are desirous of happiness, good fortune and the  guardianship of angels.

4, in love, such  as the boys send girls cross, the meaning of this boy can give  everything for this girl, and this life only love her alone, if not, you  will be punished by God. On the contrary, girls  are willing to pay the most holy love for the boy, a lifetime love you  alone, is a romantic love token, is the love affair.