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The Lord’s Supper

Apr 23, 2018

The Lord's Supper is The holy gift of god.One of the main rituals of Christianity is also a special cult.About the etiquette of the appellation, the Christian church and was celebrated with different names to call this memorial, this includes the mass, the Eucharist, main meals and had meals, including the Catholic church says the Eucharist, the etiquette called mass;The eastern orthodox church refers to holy blood;The protestant called it the Eucharist.

The ritual emphasizes the use of material materials and texts that should be read.There are two ingredients: bread and wine.According to the tradition of the church, you can only make a toast to the holy body, not other materials.But the church that use the body material and a small difference between the two: western Latin church made the body of the unleavened bread, the east Greek church is made from fermented bread the body, but both are effective, and in the development of history has become a habit, and cannot be changed.The second ingredient is wine, a natural wine made from wine.Because Jesus Christ used this wine for dinner, the church also imitated it in holy communion.In holy communion, two materials must be used at the same time and consecrated as the holy body of Jesus Christ.Consecrate the blood of Jesus Christ with wine.But there is also the holy body of Jesus in the wine, and the blood of Jesus in the face.