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The inherent meaning of the cross

Jun 06, 2018

The cross is the symbol of the glory of the Lord Jesus's blood, and the cross has become the center of our Christian faith and the truth of the gospel, as the Lord Jesus has been nailed to the cross. "Christ offered a sin offering for everlasting, and sat down on the right side of God." (at 10:12). The meaning of sacrifice for righteousness. Jesus was crucified to save us and die for us. He wants us to carry the cross to save others and not to sacrifice our lives. This is the spirit and meaning of it. Of course, this spirit of Jesus has saved us and has committed all the sins of those who are willing to repent and follow Jesus. Therefore, he also wants us to learn his style and learn from his spirit of love and saving others. He said: if he is not so, he is not worthy of my disciple (too 10:37-39). So Paul said, "I only know Jesus's Cross". He speaks of Jesus's grace, but it also includes our duty. Jesus said, "if any man follows me, he must give up his back and lift up his rack and follow me." (too 16:24)