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The holy image of Christ

Jan 20, 2018


This is an excerpt from the long story about the holy image of Christ, but it is worthy of an independent chapter. This explains the meaning behind the way Christ and the saints sometimes hold their right hand in the holy image, as shown above.

For any orthodox or Catholic Christians, Christ's right hand in the image of an unmistakable display is a blessing to lift. The preparation of this kind of hand in the statue is repeated by the clergy when blessing others, so the saints, if they are clergy, often hold their right hand in the same way.

A symbol of blessings

These fingers are "IC XC", a widely used four letter abbreviated Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC) in Greek. It is because of the name of Jesus, we are saved and accept the blessing: "everything in the heavens, the ground and underground, heard Jesus's name, every knee bow down;" (Peter pailey / Philip Phil 2:10 / Philippi).

The three fingers of Christ, both "I" and "X", recognize the trinity of God, the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. The finger and thumb of contact are not only "C", but it is proved to be the body of the flesh: the combination of divine and human nature is built in the body of Jesus Christ.

Similarities with Buddhist images

The above significance is worth emphasizing, because there may be some confusion or even libel in other aspects, which is caused by Buddha's similar image holding a hand with a fixed program. To answer this, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration.

There is a meaning behind the way Christ holds the hand in the statue; there is a meaning behind the way of the Buddha's holding in the statue: but the same point is terminated. The symbols of the gestures of the Buddha are called mudras, and sometimes they are rich in their own meaning, and they do not interconnect with the same faith like the holy image of Christ. If we reject every medium that conveys truth only because the other is using the same medium, then we will have nothing! We have to accept the same points and identify different places.

It is only because of a belief that before the birth of Christ, it does not mean that all of its teachings are preceded by Christianity. About the usual Buddhist fingerprints, fingerprint (Vitarka Mudra) to a similar icon in the right hand of Christ's. But the first performance to fingerprints show three fingers straight, rather than curved. After a long time, we saw this picture, which looks very like a Christian image. This image, however, comes from the centuries after the founding of the Christian image in the eighth Century. We can be forgiven for which one religion affects the other one that is really right.

Finally, the handprints of Buddhism are sermon; they are gestures designed to convey information. But the symbol of "IC XC" is far better than this: it is both a sign and a blessing. The statue of Buddha is just like this. His disciples assume that a necessary teaching is remembered. Christ raises his right hand and the Christians receive God's blessing. Even more than that, even though all his servants and saints hold hands in the same way, we are sure to receive God's blessing through the name of Jesus Christ.