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The fifth of the seven sacred objects of Christianity True Cross

Mar 19, 2018

The true cross is one of the holy things of Christianity, which is believed to be the crucifixion of the death of Jesus Christ. It is one of the remains of Jesus.

The cross is a form of torture, "T", rather than what we see "t". The method of execution is to use a soft long nail to set people on the shelf. The principle of execution is to use the gravity of the prisoner to pull the man down, the T word that makes the prisoner unable to support his own weight. It makes people feel a great pain in their hands and feet.

The true cross is one of the sacred objects of Christianity. In the Christian tradition, the true cross is Jesus's symbol of redemption for mankind, which has a very important symbolic significance. In Rome the Catholic calendar of saints in May 3rd found the Holy Cross in September 14th and the exaltation of the Holy Cross Day is set up for this purpose.

The true cross is one of the holy things of Christianity, which is believed to be the crucifixion of the death of Jesus Christ.

The true cross Christian holy thing is said to be used to kill the wooden blocks on the cross of Jesus Christ. The legend is that the mother Constantin Helena of the great God discovered it in Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 326 years ago. In the period of the Crusades, the Arabs had entered Jerusalem to snatch the true cross, guard the true cross of the Knights Templar resistance eventually lost lead to destruction of the true cross The whole army was wiped out. As the true cross is worshiped by people, its fragments become sacred objects and trade frequently. Some Catholic theologians believe that the blood of Christ makes the true cross not easy to decay, so the total volume will not be reduced, no matter how much it is taken. Therefore, in the middle ages of the Christian forces, the believers were always proud of having a true cross.

In the Christian tradition, the true cross, as a symbol of Jesus's redemption for human beings, has a very important symbolic significance. As many Christians say, the whole world claims to be a "real cross" fragment, so we can make a boat, so even if the fake is true, we must admit that most of them are fakes.

The first person in history is Adam, he let his son died for a tree of life to the archangel Michael seeds with mouth, buried after a long dead trees, the tree was cut down, the bridge made, Solomon queen first king, after the bridge, get "blessing", feel it holy, so his knees and kissed the bridge, she later told her husband how to have this wood strength, Wang worry, buried it. After fourteen generations, the wood was dug out, people do not know the origin, as ordinary wood, invisible arrangement is to use a strange combination of circumstances for the death of the cross of Jesus.

In 1239, King Louis Jiu S to the Byzantine Empire purchased by wearing the crown of thorns and the crucifixion of Jesus when the cross pieces next to him in the palace built a Royal Chapel (Paris Sainte-Chapelle) to collect these treasure.

It is said that there is a famous brand on the true cross. Due to the "Vyakarana" said Jesus when the king was executed, presumably to satirize him, a famous inscription "Jewish monarch". Later, according to some Christian sect, it still remained half.