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The development of contemporary Christianity

May 12, 2018

Christianity is the largest religion in the United States, Russia, Britain and France. It is also the third (old and fourth) religion of China (mainland). The twenty countries and 1 alliances of the group of eight (G8) and the economic power group of the world's most developed countries are the 7 developed countries outside Japan of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, and the other 6 economic powers of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico. The biggest religion in 13 countries, namely, Colombia, South Africa and the European Union, is one of the major religions in Indonesia, Korea and China.

The fully Christian countries and regions are the Vatican of the Catholic Church of Rome and the Kaine islands of the seventh day Adventist Church. The 15 sovereign states of the legal only state, including the Vatican of the Rome Catholic Church, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Salvatore, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, and the Greek Church of the Greek Church in the Orthodox Church, the Armenia of the Church of Armenia and Georgia, Georgia, and Georgia. The Orthodox Church of Georgia, the Ethiopia in Ethiopia, and the England of the Protestant Angeles, the England church, the Danish Church of the Danish Church in the ludzong and the Iceland of the Church of Iceland, and the Norway of the Church of Norway.

According to the 2000 statistics, the most populated areas are the European Union, with a population of more than 343 million; the ten countries excluding the EU are the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Philippines, Nigeria, Congo (gold), China (mainland), Ethiopia, and Italy, with a population of 240 million and 54 million, respectively. . The ten countries with the highest proportion of more than 10 million people are Greece, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Zambia, Romania, Guatemala, Poland, Congo (gold) and Mexico, and do not believe in the proportion of 3%. Do not believe in a total of 52 less than 10%. The total number of people who believe in the proportion of people above 50% is 126 of the broad Christian countries, including the United States; the other 71 are under 50% of the non Christian countries, including 5% of China.

By 2014, the total population of the world was 7 billion 207 million 460 thousand, the general Christian was 2 billion 300 million 75 million 619 thousand, the registration was 2 billion 200 million 65 million 824 thousand, and the worshippers were 1 billion 500 million 71 million 235 thousand; the growth rate was 1.32%, but it continued to remain the first major religious status, but was less than the 1.81% growth rate of Islam. The world's total population is 4 billion 800 million and 31 million 841 thousand not believed, including Islam 1 billion 600 million 60 million 729 thousand, pan India 1 billion 193 thousand, religious believers 683 million, Buddhist 500 million 13 million 593 thousand, folk faith Chinese 400 million 36 million 413 thousand, folk religious believers 200 million 50 million 672 thousand, God of the gods 100 million, emerging religions The Sikh 25 million 511 thousand and the Jews 14 million 64 thousand. Among them, the Rome Catholic Church is 1 billion 200 million 19 million 952 thousand, the eastern Rome Orthodox Church is 200 million 79 million 961 thousand, the more orthodox church 400 million 41 million 444 thousand and the Anglican Church 92 million 268 thousand, the independent or the small public, the more orthodox church, the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, 400 million 7 million 703 thousand, and no classification 100 million 9 million 795 thousand.