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The Christian biblical theory

May 04, 2018

We believe that the sixty-six volumes of the Bible are implied by God, written by God through the spirit of the prophets and apostles. The Bible is an unmistakable truth, with supreme authority and can not be tampered with in any way. The Bible clearly states the plan of God's redemption for mankind; the Bible is the highest principle of our belief in life and service. We oppose any denial of the biblical argument, oppose the outdated theory of the Bible, oppose the biblical error theory, or choose only to believe in some books. We emphasize that the interpretation of the Bible should be based on its historical background and the lessons of the whole Bible, and the Bible should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, follow the principles of Confucian classics, keep up and down, and can not be taken out of context. The interpretation of the Bible should refer to the tradition of pure faith left by the Church of the past; we are opposed to the spiritual interpretation of Scripture and subjectively, and three chapter 6: he calls us to carry the new covenant, not by words, but by fine meaning. For that word is a man's death, and a good idea is to call a man to live.